We are a young and highly motivated startup from Hamburg, that approaches an ethical way of fashion.

We aim to make this world a better place by giving our clients the opportunity to express their personality and values through fashion in a sustainable way.

The name AIYM means in kyrgyz „lady“ and stands for a graceful, empathic and feminine woman. Because we believe the world is more beautiful with confident, stylish and conscious women in it.

With AIYM we empower kyrgyz women and provide them opportunities for a free and self-determined life.

Each garment is designed in Hamburg and individually handmade by kyrgyz women.

Our focus is on natural materials and high quality. We choose always the most sustainable options - for example by using organic cotton, linen or Eco Vero Viscose and ivory nut for buttons.

By choosing AIYM you care for your body, for the planet and for the support of women, who handmade these garments with passion and love.